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Frequently Asked Questions

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Know the Law
The following is based on United States federal law, your local state laws may be more stringent on brewing alcohol. Please be sure to read your local laws before brewing.
Is brewing in your home legal?
Yes brewing for your own consumption in your own home is legal. The United States federal law states that you are allowed to brew 100 gallons of wine or beer per single adult per year. If there are 2 or more adults in the household you are allowed to brew up to 200 gallons of wine or beer.
Can I sell the alcohol I brew?
You are not allowed to sell the alcohol you brew to anyone without a license.
Does the law allow me to distill my alcohol to make it stronger?
No and yes. You are allowed to distill your alcohol to a higher proof but are not allowed to consume it. The alcohol that you distill must be used for fuel not for personal consumption.
Is there a limit to the alcohol percentage or proof that I'm allowed to brew?
No there isn't a federal law that states the maximum alcohol percentage or proof that you are allowed to brew. As long as it is brewed and not distilled you can have as high of proof alcohol you desire.
Can I send my alcohol to someone as a gift?
You can serve your homemade alcohol to guests in your own home, but you are not legally allowed to ship or give your brew to other people. You can however move the alcohol from one of your own residences to another of your residences.
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