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Frequently Asked Questions

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Kit Questions
Do the rubber stoppers that you sell with your kits work with standard 1 gallon wine jugs?
Yes most 1 gallon wine jugs have the same size mouth, so the rubber stoppers we sell will fit.
If I buy the CiderUp Hard Cider Kit without the jug, can I buy the jug locally?
Yes and often times it is cheaper for you to do so. You can find empty jugs at hobby/brewing stores. You can also buy a gallon of wine that comes in a glass jug, drink the wine and then use the jug for cider. Also certain times of the year your local grocery store will sell apple juice in 1 gallon glass jugs.
Can I use clay/ceramic jugs instead of glass jugs?
Yes you can use a clay/earthen jug. They have been used to carry alcohol since the ancient times so we see no harm in using them now. What you want to do is clean the jug thoroughly before using it, if you can, try to scrub the inside with a brush of some kind to remove any clay dust from the sides of the jug. Then just follow our recipe.
Can I use jugs that are larger than 1 gallon with this recipe?
Yes you can use larger jugs, like any cooking recipe if you want to make more in a single batch just adjust the numbers by the size difference.
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