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CiderUp Hard Cider Kit Label

Here we provide you with a label to help you distinguish one batch from another. As the picture below shows, the label provides a place for you to take ownership of your hard cider, the date you started it and what juice or juices you used to make it. To print the label click on the label picture below and a new window or tab will open from which you can print from. Once they are printed cut it out and tape it to your cider jug. You can also buy labels from the store that you can print on but they maybe harder to remove than a couple pieces of tape.

CiderUp Hard Cider Label

If you do not have a pdf viewer and you would like to print the label you can click on the link below which will open the above picture in it's own window. From here you can print it from your browser. If you can't find the print button in your browser you can press the "Ctrl" and "P" keys on your keyboard simultaneously.

CiderUp Hard Cider Kit Label

This content is in thanks to our customers who suggested we provide these labels. We hope these labels help all our customers enjoy their hard cider projects.